Dr Denis Blight Head of the Australian Aid program for South-East Asia and China, 1984-1986. Director-General, Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (formerly Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux), 2000-2005. Chief Executive of the Crawford Fund, 2008-.

Hugh Craft Born in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. Graduated from the University of Cambridge, 1971 (BA) and 1974 (MA). Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT), 1971-1979, with diplomatic postings to Athens; Deputy High Commissioner in Suva (covering Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu and regional organisations); and London. Director, International Affairs Division, Commonwealth Secretariat London, 1979-1988. Australian DFAT, 1988-1992. Senior Executive, Environment Australia, 1992-1999. Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia, 1999-2002, including Head of Brisbane/Coolum Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2001-2 Task Force. Completed PhD at Australian National University (ANU), Canberra (2009). Visiting Fellow, International Relations Program, ANU. Visitng Professor, Centre for International and Regional Affairs, University of Fiji, 2010-12.

Jumoka Debayo: Born in Nigeria. Commonwealth Secretariat, Information Section. Curator, ‘The Beaded Links’ exhibition, National Museum of Australia, 2006-2007, Bondi Pavilion Gallery, 2010. Author, Beaded links: the beaded links of the Commonwealth of Nations (2006).

Dr John Eyres: Commonwealth Secretariat, Economic Division,1997-2000.

Malcolm Hazell Born in Australia, 1948-. Educated at University of Queensland and University of Oxford. Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), 1974-1998. Commonwealth Director, Bicentennial Royal Visits to Australia, 1986-1988. Head of the Cabinet Secretariat, 1996-1998. Official Secretary to Governors-General of Australia, 2003 and 2003–2008.

Maureen Hickman: Editor, Royal Commonwealth Society Australian Capital Territory Branch Newsletter.

Kanti Jinna: Born in Fiji. Vice Chairman, Hindu Council of Australia. President, Royal Commonwealth Society, Australian Capital Territory Branch, 2014-.

Colin Milner: Retired public servant in Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Former Australian Counsel-General in Nauru, c2004. Former Australian Special Representative to Nauru.

Satendra Nandan: Born in Fiji, 1939. Member of House of Representatives in Fiji, 1982-1987. Suva Rural Indian Communal Constituency, 1987. Minister of Health and Social Welfare, 1987. Fellow and Professor, Australia National University, and University of Canberra 1987-2005. Commissioner to the Constitution Commission of Fiji, 2012. Emeritus Professor, University of Canberra, 2013-.

Jon Sheppard. Joined Australian Department of External Affairs in 1967; Ambassador to Ethiopia, 1985-1989; Australian Ambassador to the Hashiemite Kingdom of Jordan, 1992-1995; Director of Political Affairs, Commonwealth Secretariat, 1996-2002; Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, 2004- 2007.

Pera Wells: Born in Australia. Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT), 1973-1998. Deputy High Commissioner for India, 1991-1994. Established Human Rights Section of DFAT, 1984. Established Commonwealth Secretariat Human Rights Unit, 1985. Secretary-General, World Federation of United Nations, 2006-2009. Vice President, Australian Council for Human Rights Education, 2010-.

Terry Wells: Educated at Australian National University. Commonwealth Public Service, 1962-1974. Indo-China Refugees Association (Australia), 1978-1982. Commonwealth Round Table in Australia, 2003-20012. Department of Immigration and Border Protection, 2004-2013. Commonwealth Day Celebration Committee, 2004-.

Michael Wilson: Born 1928. Joined Australian Department of Territories, Canberra, 1952, before moving to Department of Foreign Affairs. Posted to New York, 1955; Bangkok, 1959 and Australia House, London,1963. Appointed as personal assistant to Arnold Smith, 1st Secretary-General of Commonwealth Secretariat in 1966. He then spent 2 years in Cabinet Office and held senior positions at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade n Canberra. Seconded to Secretary of Royal Commissions on Australian Government Administration in 1974. Head of Mission to Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria, 1980.  High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, 1984-88; Vienna 1988-1993 and International Atomic Energy Agency and Atomic Energy Commission in Australia (now ANSTO – Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation). He was then affiliated to the Centre for the Study of Australia-Asia Relations, Griffith University.