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Journal of an Extraordinary Heads of Government Meeting: Lusaka, Zambia, August 1979. Other than at Marlborough House, I was in Zambia (p.14-28, 57-138, 139; Conference 116-37), Nairobi (p.139), France (p.140-4), England (p.150-9)

Contents: The Journal linked above contains the reflections of Clyde Sanger, Canadian journalist and then-Director of Information for the Commonwealth Secretariat, on the 1979 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Lusaka, Zambia. Entries trace developments from February to August 1979, with additional material provided on the Lancaster House Conference on Rhodesia/Zimbabwe hosted in London in September 1979. Sanger’s recollections are paired with clippings from daily newspapers, and a full list of ‘dramatis personæ’ is provided on p.3/82 of the PDF.