Followers of the Commonwealth Oral History Project may be interested in a new online resource released for Commonwealth Day 2015 and curated by The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs.

Working in association with Routledge, The Commonwealth and The Royal Commonwealth SocietyThe Round Table has selected 60 academic articles for free and open access until 30 June 2015.

The articles are organised by Commonwealth region – Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, Europe and the Pacific – and cut across a range of subject disciplines, from politics to literature and geography to history. A special section on Youth and the Commonwealth is included, responding to the 2015 Commonwealth Day theme of ‘A Young Commonwealth‘.

Of particular interest for readers of the Commonwealth Oral History Project will be these articles by four project interviewees:

Stuart Mole on ‘“Seminars for Statesmen”: The Evolution of the Commonwealth Summit

Michael Kirby on ‘The Commonwealth of Nations Today: Historical Anachronism or Focus for Universal Values?

Sir Ronald Sanders on ‘The Commonwealth After Colombo: Can it Become Meaningful Again?

Sir Peter Marshall on ‘Britain after the Jubilympics‘ and ‘Reflections on the Scottish Referendum and the Prospects of EU Reform

Access the Commonwealth Day Collection from now until 30 June 2015.

For an extensive reading list concerning the Commonwealth and its member states, see the Bibliography included on this website, which will continue to grow as the project develops.