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Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard at a Q & A Session in Rooty Hill, New South Wales, 10/08/2010 

On 5th October, Hon Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia (2010-2013) spoke at King’s College, London on the future of the Commonwealth. Gillard will be a Visiting Professor in the Policy Institute at King’s College. Read the transcript of her speech here.

Gillard covered topics including migration, her experience growing up in the Commonwealth and as a Commonwealth leader, Brexit, and radicalisation. Gillard also addressed the ongoing question of the succession of the Commonwealth Headship, intimating that the British government and Royal Family is paving the way for Prince Charles.

Gillard concluded her speech with an optimist outlook on the Commonwealth’s role in the future:

‘The Commonwealth can and should play a powerful role on the global stage, and there are a number of states – particularly small states – that will depend on its advocacy.

As an ideas exchange and intellectual powerhouse on globalization, governing and democracy strengthening, the Commonwealth can both build on its traditional role as a champion of democratic ideals whilst preserving these values in times of change, fear and division.

As a thought leader on issues of countering violent extremism, the Commonwealth could play an essential role in tackling the dissemination of information and ideologies that challenge our community safety, that create a more instable world and that can take our children from us and radicalize them for the most evil of purposes.’